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 Every time I receive an incoming client, we have lots of questions about our Aqua-Icelander Treadmill.  Our treadmill is an aqua tread and cold saltwater spa all in one! In a later post I will discuss the benefits of cold saltwater therapy. However, today I just want to talk about the versatility in treatment and conditioning programs of an aqua tread in your rehab regimen! Aqua tread units like ours offer a wide range of benefits, 
including the ability to adjust the water depth to suit different horse sizes. They also target different muscle groups. Why are different water levels beneficial? In exercise, the deeper the water, the more weightless the horse feels. In a rehab setting, we would use water that comes up to the horse's shoulder to reduce its weight by about 60%.  Compared to working on hard ground, this allows them to mobilize joints and resume fitness faster after an injury. This water level will increase lung capacity and allow the horse to stride out easily while having a low-impact workout.
Water reaching the forearm conditions the upper leg muscles and increases their stride.  Their buoyancy and ability to pull through the water will remain intact at this depth. The water levels around the knee joint are like using a Stairmaster for cardio. 
As the horse automatically picks up and steps over the water, you get an extensive range of motion from the hip and SI joints. As well as building core strength, it also improves the appearance of the topline.  In addition to horses recovering from kissing spines or EPMs, all competition horses can benefit from these workouts. 
Using controlled conditions, we can condition the horse's lower leg muscles and soft tissues to prevent injuries.  A unique feature of our treadmill is that we can add an incline for effective uphill training.  You can adjust the training belt's incline anywhere from 0% to 10%. Up to 27% more work is put on forward-moving muscles 
with this function. Additionally, this type of training strengthens the back and neck muscles.  In addition to creating more resistance, this helps strengthen the topline.
In aqua treads, resistance is created through speed and movement. 
In a conditioning setting, horses undergo a low-impact form of exercise that develops their airways  while getting in a cardio workout. Whether your horses need to be worked hard or gently,  they can do so with our Aqua tread! Horses just needing fitness can be pushed harder to focus on cardio and muscle mass.  For injuries and post-surgery horses, we will have the horse work slowly so we can rebuild weak muscles/ligaments,  so we are able to get you and your horse back riding as soon as possible and competing again! 

Faith Furrow 


Benefits of using Aqua Icelander 
Describe the key benefits of underwater treadmill exercise in horses. How can incorporating a 30-day transition period of Aqua-treadmill exercise be beneficial in horses coming out of a lay off from an injury?

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USA Tennessee
Equine PERFORMAX center at the Jaeckle Centre started using Aqua Icelander cold saltwater options in September 2020.  Returning to training after an injury can cause more damage if not done with the proper equipment.

The Aqua Icelander compliments traditional training methods to create diversity in training and offers a safe and effective solution to condition your horse, and is used by elite competitors to train top-performing horses.

The Aqua Icelander utilizes a submerged treadmill that eases the

concussive nature of traditional training,

allowing horses to increase their fitness without

the fear of injury.

Aqua Icelander in Alberta Canada

Canada Alberta 

Every time a client comes to the barn and gets to witness a horse in the treadmill:
“I can’t believe how much they engage their core”
“This is totally not what I expected”
“Look at how high they lift up over the water”
“The reach and extension is amazing”
“You can do hill work?!”
We absolutely love showing everyone what we do and what we can accomplish here! Come visit us!



USA Kentucky  

Spy Coast Farm offers a state-of-the-art Rehabilitation and Fitness Center in Lexington, Kentucky. 
The Rehabilitation and Fitness Center is designed to help all breeds and disciplines recover from a variety of injuries 
including soft tissue injuries, wounds, post surgical lay ups, and bone bruising or fracturing. 
We are also able to assist with yearling and young horse sales prep, strengthening exercise for show horses, and post foaling fitness. 
Located adjacent to the Kentucky Horse Park.




Australia's world champion racehorse Winx was trained in the Aqua Icelander, she is one of greatest racehorse in 300 years of thoroughbred racing. 
Winx in the Icelander aqua-treadmill "that was so helpful in getting her fit  to a deadline after a bone-chip surgery in 2016"


USA Texas Highlander Training center
We could not be more pleased with the products and customer service provided by Bjarni and Aqua Icelander. Our goal at Highlander Training Center was to design and build a state-of-the art equine fitness & therapy center. We traveled extensively and did a tremendous amount of research on the products that were available, and it was clear that the Aqua Icelander equipment was the best available. Bjarni has a true commitment to excellent in design, function and service. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the premier line of products that can make a meaningful positive difference in the performance of your horses. 
Jeff Hooper Chairman & CEO Highlander Training Center

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