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Our Corporate Goal 

Aqua Icelander Water treadmills is now used in 15 country's, We are a small team. Titles and positions are of secondary importance for us. 
Team spirit is lived every day. We pull together in the same direction. 
We have no perfect marketing, but great products and a good advice for our customers. 
Quality is the pride of every employee and not just a corporate goal. 
A machine which is supplied to the customer is at first a machine made with pride. 
A machine is only as good as its weakest part. For this reason, we choose the parts first by the quality and then by the price. 
Our customer's success is very important to us, this is our top priority. Customers are our friends and partners.

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Aqua Wave
The vibrafloor technique is well known on the market.  We offer vibrafloor horizontal and tilting option UME -  Unique Muscle Equalizer.  
This system equalize the weight of the horse´s legs by rolling the plate  
to both sides twice per minute. This technique guaranties that the whole body 
of the horse  absorbs the vibrating treatment


Dryer - Unique horse wellness
The  equine dryer is equipped with two blowers, one on each side. Warm air is guided to both sides of the horse with 270 special air nozzles. The gentle breeze is constantly moving up and down during the process  therefore the legs, hooves, sides and chest gets evenly air dried.


Aqua Icelander treadmills are designed to relieve stress and promote healing and fitness. They have been proven to be powerful tools for rehabilitation, training and conditioning of horses. Our inground and above ground Aqua Icelander water treadmills allow a horse exercise the same muscles, tendons, and ligaments used when working out on the track without concussion of the track's surface. 


Aqua Icelander USA LLC

Aqua Icelander Equine Iceland 

+354 5626800

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